The 2nd Learning, Teaching and Training Activity

     This second LTT activity of the project was held in RoN Macedonia, on 29 November-03 December 2021. Within the scope of this activity, the 24-page booklet „Getting Familiar with Dyslexia: signs, symptoms and activities” was created.
     The „Practice Booklet for Dyslexia” activity, attended by 3 teachers from each partner institution, was held at the partner institution in Macedonia. In this activity, the content of the application booklet was created so that students diagnosed with dyslexia can continue their education in the classroom and overcome this special learning difficulty with quality methods and techniques. A guidance counselor, an English teacher and a classroom teacher from all partner institutions took part in the writing of the application booklet. It will be ensured that the application booklet is implemented in the courses in partner institutions for 3 years. IT (Informatics Technology) teachers working in Mezitli District Directorate of National Education were provided with the graphic and design of the application booklet.

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